Mission Statement

Our aim is that every guest who chooses Chunk n Cheese leaves happy. We are committed to using the best & finest ingredients in our recipes and provide happiness and joy through healthy food, service and modern clean ambiance.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become no. 1 pizza restaurant with the strategy of fulfilling need through Halal food and services with the mutual welfare of both seller and buyers.


Starting in 2013, Chunk n Cheese started serving authentic Italian food and its signature Pizza cuisine. The sincere efforts of our visionary founders made Chunk n Cheese a modern symbol of hygiene & quality, and within months their aspirations yielded fruitful results. Today, Chunk n Cheese is credited as one of the best casual dining restaurant.

It was their devotion, and determination that turned this dream into reality, winning hearts all over the city and beyond. Chunk n Cheese is the new standard for exquisite quality and taste, serving unique varieties of cuisines to cater to every flavor, and every tongue, in its own unique style.

Experience fine dining at its best!

Management Message

We believe that a true sign of quality is the absolute satisfaction of our customers. The choices of flavor we serve are reminiscent of a large variety of food originating from Italian Cuisine.

We aim to cater to the masses, reminding them of the greatness of our cuisine. This is exactly why we procure the highest quality of raw ingredients to use in our recipes and make sure that each time we cook something up in our kitchens, we delight our customers with the results.

Chunk n Cheese Pizza cuisine strives to keep our traditions alive, and there is no better way of doing that than serving you great food, created with passion, honesty and pride.

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